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Comrades and Sisters.   

<> Comrades, let me start by saying thank you for your confidence in electing me as your commander.  I will do my best to live up to your expectations.  Tim Bryant and the other post officers have done an excellent job over the past year to make out post shine.  Over the next year, I hope we can make our post even better.  But to do this, I’m going to need everyone’s help. 

Post 3000 is here for all of us to use and enjoy, but we all need to put a little back into it.  Over the next 365 days, I’m asking that each one of you give something back to our post.  That could be in the form of a donation for something the post needs, volunteering some time and helping with a project or event, or attending our post meetings and getting involved with the decisions being made there. 

 If you are one who hasn’t even been to our post in a long time, all I ask is that you come in and enjoy one of our dinners sometime, or just at least stop by have a cold drink with me.  Comrades, my point is that there is something, no matter how small, that we all can do to make our post a better place.

Once again thank you for giving me the honor of being your commander.  I’m looking forward to the next year.

Semper Fi!

Jeff Hazer

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